Blue Marble Space

Space exploration begins at home


Board of Directors

Sanjoy Som

Position: Director & Chief Executive Officer

Education: Ph.D. Planetary Sciences & Astrobiology (University of Washington 2010) and Stanford Ignite (Stanford Graduate School of Business 2012)

Other appointments: Research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center


Jacob Haqq-Misra

Position: Director & Chief Operating Officer

Education: Ph.D. Meteorology & Astrobiology (Pennsylvania State University 2010)

Other appointments: Contributing Editor at EARTH Magazine


Sara Imari Walker

Position: Director

Education: Ph.D. Physics & Astronomy (Dartmouth College 2010)

Other appointments: Assistant Professor at Arizona State University


Zach Adam

Position: Director

Education: Ph.D. Earth Sciences (Montana State University 2014)

Other appointments: Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University


Mark Claire

Position: Director

Education: Ph.D. Astronomy & Astrobiology (University of Washington 2008)

Other appointments: Research Fellow at University of St Andrews


Crystal Riley

Position: Director & Chief Technology Officer

Education: M.S. Computer Science (University of Texas at Austin 2015)

Other appointments: Software Engineer at Google


Team Members

Graham Lau

Position: Communications & Marketing Director

Education: Ph.D Geological Sciences & Astrobiology (University of Colorado 2016)


Gina Riggio

Position: Editorial Manager

Education: M.S. Cell & Molecular Biology (University of Arkansas, in progress)


Julia DeMarines

Position: Public Outreach Coordinator

Education: M.S. Space Studies (International Space University 2011)


Reba Klock

Position: Elementary School Outreach Coordinator

Dan Klock

Position: Greenhouse Manager

Board of Advisors

David Grinspoon

Position: Senior Advisor

Education: Ph.D Planetary Sciences (University of Arizona 1990)

Other Appointments: Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute


Woodruff "Woody" Sullivan

Position: Senior Advisor

Education: Ph.D. Astronomy (University of Maryland 1971)

Other appointments: Professor of Astronomy at University of Washington


Christopher McKay

Position: Senior Advisor

Education: Ph.D Astrogeophysics (University of Colorado 1982)

Other Appointments: Senior Research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center


Emma Miller

Position: Senior Advisor

Education: Ph.D Applied Management and Decision Sciences (Walden University 2013)

Other Appointments: Assistant Dean of Bachelor Programs at South Texas College

Shawn Domagal-Goldman

Position: Advisor

Education: Ph.D. Geosciences & Astrobiology (Pennsylvania State University 2007)

Other appointments: Research Space Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Stephanie Wan

Position: Advisor

Education: M.A. International Science and Technology Policy (George Washington University 2010).

Other appointments: Space Communications Contractor at NASA Headquarters