| Code of Ethics

Blue Marble Space comprises a diverse, inclusive, and international community of scientists, managers, students, and support staff. This “code of ethics” represents our efforts at articulating the practical principles that guide our organization, regardless of social, economic, or political pressures, toward a better and more sustainable future. This code is a work in progress that we build upon as we continue to grow as an organization and as individuals.

To the best of our ability and knowledge,
  1. We strive to provide a working environment free of discrimination of any kind,
  2. We strive to ensure our working environment is welcoming and inclusive to all.
  3. We strive to maintain a working environment that is supportive and safe,
  4. We strive to foster a working culture grounded in not-for-profit ideals, where service and people are valued over profit,
  5. We strive to respect customers through lawful, honest, transparent, and fair business practices,
  6. We strive to disseminate our scientific and other activities to the broader public using methods that are easy to find and understand,
  7. We strive to maintain integrity in our scientific research by using repeatable methods, providing access to data, and minimizing bias or conflicts of interest,
  8. We strive to conduct our business, research, and ourselves with consideration of resources such as water, energy, and materials; to minimize consumption of these resources when practical; to optimize consumption of these resources against achieving business, research, or outreach objectives; and to protect the continued existence of these resources for the next generations.
  9. We strive to propagate these values beyond our organization.